Welcome to doggiebox. We’re so glad that you’ve found our iconic and convenient online pet store. We pride ourselves on delivering unbeatable quality products at everyday low prices, and we do so right to your front door.

As an Australian owned and operated family business, the team at doggiebox are the preferred suppliers of quality pet products to many Aussie families who lovingly own their pets. As our customer base shares the good word about our exceptional service, we hope to continue our strong growth in the coming months and years. However, in doing so we are pledging a doggiebox promise to be true to our satisfaction guarantees, that is keeping your needs of paramount importance in our minds. At doggiebox we will ensure that we continue to bring you (our current and future customers), exceptional and quality customer- service that other families and their pets are already taking advantage of.  

Our doggiebox aim is to bring you the largest quality pet range possible, while keeping our prices not just competitive, but affordable for everyone and their pets. Our high quality products are obtained through our direct supply chain so that you can take advantage of savings in real dollar and money terms.  We purchase our products economically in large quantities from the respective manufacturers, meaning that many of the items we sell are exactly the same as the bigger “brand name” companies. However, when you shop with doggiebox you have the real added benefits of supporting a small business and avoiding the distribution costs of buying from traditional retailers.

The team at doggiebox take pride in our work, and love servicing the needs of our valued customers, while working with our suppliers to provide an unbeatably high standard of quality products and services. The doggiebox team understand that the Australian pet industry (including the manufacturing of pet products) is not just vibrant, but also successful in providing world-class products for pets globally. Therefore, doggiebox is taking a leaping dive into leading and paving the way in the future through the development of a pet transport ‘Uber’ app and service. Our official launch is just a few short months away but this revolutionary, modern and accessible pet ‘Uber’ service will undoubtedly change the pet industry game in the real terms of cutting edge pet transport development.

The owners of doggiebox are committed to being responsive to the changing and modern needs of pets and their owners. We also recognise, appreciate and are grateful for the the trust that people place in our business when choosing our products and services for their beloved best friends. As such, doggiebox will continue to develop innovative products that service your ongoing needs and bring satisfaction and enjoyment to your pets.  At doggiebox, we know the importance of individual pets wellbeing (they are part of the family after all) and we will always do whatever it takes to keep your cat purring and your dog’s tail wagging.

The doggiebox Team