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Condition : Brand New - unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable)


  • PP20 - Size: 53L x 37W x 37H
  • PP30 - Size: 62L x 41W x 45H
  • PP40 - Size: 73L x 45W x 53H
  • PP50 - Size: 82L x 56W x 60H
  • PP60 - Size: 93L x 61W x 73H
  • PP70 - Size: 115L x 66W x 80H

Brand: Pu Chin Co Airline Approved Crate

  • The PP range of airline approved carriers are Qantas Group aircraft, International airline and IATA approved for the domestic and international airline transport of pets.
  • Litter tray base floor designed to fit in cage. This provides a raised separation between animal and any urine that may occur during transportation. Add newspaper, puppy pad or towel under base to ensure dryness if needed.
  • Water cup is attached to inside of cage.
  • Water refill tunnel allows carers to replenish water without opening cage door during transit.
  • Cages come in two halves, making long term storage easier. Metal screws and nuts are used to join top and bottom halves.
  • Plastic screws can break and come apart. Many airlines and transport companies will not accept cages with plastics clips or screws.
  • Cages are made from quality durable 3 mm injected moulded plastic. This makes cleaning of the cage easier, removes quarantine concerns that arise from wood cages when used for international travel, minimises disease transfer from cages not properly cleaned, reduces overall weight and is considered durable for reuse.
  • TAKE NOTE that the 4 corner holes of the crates are not for bolts, as they are used to secure the crate down when it is in the on board of the plane and should remain empty.

Package Contents:

1 x Feed bowl

1 x Water funnel

1 x Removeable comfort tray

1 x Blue & White crate with Metal Door (Australian Made)

Appropriate Crate/ Carrier's Size Chart Information:


Figure 1. Measuring the length and height of your pet.
Figure 2. Measuring the width of your pet.
Length of your Pet =  (A)
Total Height of Your Pet = (B) 
Length of Front Legs = (C)
Width of your Pet = (D)

Calculation for Appropriate Crate/ Carrier Size:

Total Length = (A) + ½ (C)
Total Height  = (B) + 2 cm
Total Width Turn Around Space  = { 2 x (D) } + 2 cm

** Total sizes compared with internal dimensions shown on chart below.

** For Example: A dog that is 45cm (Long) x 45cm (High) x 18cm (Leg length) x 17cm (Wide). The most appropriate crate is the PP40.

Carrier Type
Internal dimensions (cm)
Length x Width x Height
External dimensions (cm)
Length x Width x Height
Suitable Breeds Max Weight Allowable Crate's Weight
49L x 32W x 36H 53L x 37W x 37H Cats, small puppies, rabbit, guinea pig 10kg 2.5kg
60L x 39W x 43H 62L x 43W x 45H Bichon, Jack Russell, Peckinese 15kg 3.0kg
PP40 69L x 39W x 52H 73L x 45W x 53H Cocker Spaniel, Cairn Terrier, West Highland Terrier 20kg 5.2kg
77L x 52W x 58H 82L x 56W x 60H Beagle, Whippet, Staffy, Small Border Collie 25kg 6.0kg
PP60 88L x 57W x 72H 94L x 62W x 74H Golden Retriever, Labrador, Siberian Husky, Australian Shepherd 35kg 8.0kg