Dog Chews Benefits

Chewing in dogs is a completely natural behaviour! Dog of all ages likes to chew - puppies, adult, and even senior dogs. Each dog varies in how much they chew and how heavy of chewers they are. Choose a bone that matches your dog chewing habits and consider the size, shape, consistency, and flavor. By providing a dog with plenty of appropriate chewing opportunities from a young age, you can help discourage inappropriate chewing, such as the chewing of furniture, clothes, shoes, children’s toys, etc.


These are the benefits of dog chews:

Dental Health

Chewing on chew bones can benefit your dog’s dental health. It exercises the jaw muscles, scrapes away plaque and controls tartar build-up. Chewing also smooths the teeth and helps prevent periodontal disease and yellowing of teeth. It is very important to keep a dog’s teeth clean and healthy because of the growing problem in tooth and gum diseases nowadays.


Relieve Boredom

Dogs need mental exercise to relieve boredom especially when you're out or busy. Chewing on bones is a stimulating activity for them. It is a great way to keep your dog’s body and mind occupied. It is very important for dogs to keep their mind stimulated to keep them busy especially the senior dogs that are not as active in physical activities.

Satisfy the Urge to Chew

Dogs, and especially puppies, have an innate urge to chew. Chew bones satisfy your dog's urge to chew and helps deal with insecurity and separation anxiety.

For teething puppies chewing a bone (with proper supervision) helps relieve pain and discomfort from the new teeth pushing through the gums.


To make sure your pet stays safe while enjoying their treat, supervise and check your dog periodically as they are chewing the bones. Bones that are too small can be choking hazards, make sure to choose a bone that matches your dog’s size. Bones should be larger than the length of the muzzle, so as to be impossible to swallow whole.

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